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The delivery service was right on schedule for the requested time.  The pizza was hot, fresh, and bellowing steam out of the box.  The first glance at the pizza was pleasing as it was cooked thoroughly with a golden to darker brown crust and cheese which was melted nicely with some light browning in spots.  The crust was thicker and heartier than most thin crust New York style pizzas and had some light bubbling throughout.  It was more of a tender crust with a pleasant chew than it was crispy, but it worked.  The sauce was savory with a smoother consistency and was moderately seasoned which provided the punch necessary to complement the thicker dough.  The cheese was generously applied and was a satisfyingly salty blend of what I would guess was cheddar and mozzarella.  Overall, this pizza was very satisfying and was the perfect type of pizza for a luncheon.  Because of the thicker crust and the flavor profile, this pizza has a solid shelf life and would be good for parties and gatherings.  Scarfalloto's is certainly in the conversation for the best pizza in town. - NEPA Reporter


Easter morning and what a gift! Greeted as we come in and a cozy booth. Love the train  that moves across the ceiling!  I ordered the hash with poached eggs..really delish. Four perfect breakfast served hot! Thank you Scarfallato's!  - Janice S.


One of the best diners in town. They will make it the way you like it and everyone is very nice and pleasant. My husband and I come every week for breakfast/lunch. - Susan J.


“Amazing! Just left this lovely place! Very friendly staff, and the food was awesome! Whoever came up with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, on a pizza is a rock star!" – Art

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